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The Algarve forms the south-westerly corner of the Iberian Peninsula. Here, you have two coasts to choose from for surf or bodyboard: the west coast and the south coast. Both are Atlantic coasts but you can feel their proximity to the Mediterranean everywhere. Whatever the time of year, there’s a very good chance you’ll get good waves and good weather.

The predominant swell direction is northwest, so the west coast is the most sought-after. The fact that the beaches are spectacular and almost always deserted is an added incentive.

In the eastern Algarve you can also find good places, such as Ilha do Farol or Deserta and Praia de Faro.

Praia de Faro is a beach right below Faro situated on a sand spit that offers fairly consistent beginner waves all year round. While the waves are not always huge they are great for learning and it offers good beginner and longboard waves throughout the summer.

Algarve also has 10 clubs and 31 surfing schools

Apart from the phenomenal conditions for surfing, the Algarve also has 10 clubs and 31 surfing schools. All you need to learn to tame every wave is right here waiting for you on the Algarve coast.

excelent conditions in algarve to do it

The weather conditions in the Algarve are excellent throughout the year, and it is even better to practice in winter due to the beaches being deserted. If you like bigger waves we recommend Sagres, if you are learning and want to have experience, the whole coast is excellent for you

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1º - Praia da arrifana

Arrifana is a great fun wave to surf at any level of skill, it offers a crescent shaped wave and the right hand wave is excellent on a large swell.

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2º - Praia do AMADO

Offers a lot of variety on many different wave conditions. It has great right and left running waves so offers waves for both goofy and regular footed surfers.

3º - Praia do castelejo

This very isolated beach, 12km north of Sagres, offers beautiful views and very consistent swells all year round as it is west facing.

4º - Praia do beliche

A small sheltered beach north of Sagres, Beliche beach offers a great peak wave with the right swell.

5º - Praia de faro

Praia de Faro is a beach right below Faro situated on a sand spit that offers fairly consistent beginner waves all year round. While the waves are not always huge they are great for learning

6º - Praia do zavial

The beach is not as exposed to west winds but does get good swells wrapping around and hitting it. Its a clean hollow wave when it gets good swell and on small swells is great for beginners and intermediates.


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