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The history of Tavira is lost in time: elevated to city in 1520, by D. Manuel I, the city is heir to an unparalleled cultural heritage. Its “genetic hill” is a living landmark of the presence of several ancient peoples, where archaeological remains of the Phoenician civilization and Muslim occupation stand out.

To learn a little more about its past and its ancient traditions, visit the existing museum spaces. The combination between historical heritage and contemporary architecture is visible in some spaces in the city, coexisting in perfect harmony.

Tavira is considered the most romantic city in the Algarve and one of the most pleasant in southern Portugal. It is crossed by the River Gilão, and the historic center is made up of whitewashed churches in streets and squares with Portuguese cobblestones and well-preserved traditional architecture (such as the typical roofs called treasury or scissor roofs). Its barrier islands, which are part of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, have some of the best beaches in the country and are accessible by boat.

All of this makes the city a perfect destination for those looking for a vacation that combines culture and the beach.

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